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Some poems from me to you 

A collection of poetry written for fun, to ease and brighten your spirit

Through the Mist

I put down my fist 

and I saw through the mist. 


It all became clear, 

I had nothing to fear.


I gave my worries away, 

deciding the love in me would stay. 


As I put down my fist, 

I see through the mist. 


It all becomes clear, 

I have nothing to fear. 


I let everything from the past go, 

so that I can be present and flow.


Flow like the wind, 

surf on a wave, 

allow myself to be so brave.


Float on like a cloud, 

without being real loud. 

Simple and free, 

that’s how I’ll continue to be. 



Meet Your Soul

Make a noise, when the silence is too loud. 

Raise your voice, when there is no crowd. 

When silence brings pain, know there will be personal gain. 

Sometimes life has a buffer period, where you feel endless suffer, period. 

But what does it mean? 

Where do we go? 

Why does it come? 

How does it go? 

Just be. 

You will see. 

That everything will come to pass. 

Sometimes not without a little sass. 

So make a noise when the silence is too loud. 

And raise your voice, even when you have no crowd. 

You will see your strength. 

You will meet your soul. 

And isn’t that the only goal?


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Be Kind

Our actions and words are all we have,

Don’t you want to use them to make others glad? 



The power you have lies within your mind, 

Begin right now to choose thoughts that are kind 



Nature's Promise

My face hit the sand, 

the bottom of the ocean. 


Mouth filled with water, 

swallowed in emotion. 


To blame the wave that did this to me, 

or accept nothing’s at fault, the truth my third eye can see. 


I hear the whisper from the sun, 

reminding me we are all one. 


This too will pass, Nature’s promise is that nothing will last. 




Jumping into the unknown 

Is like a dog freed from his constricting neck cone. 


Diving into something that isn’t clear 

Is like having no idea which way to steer 


There is something profound in taking your hands off the wheel 

Something liberating in allowing yourself to fully feel 


To feel the fear and still push on forward 

You’re not going backwards, only toward. 


Closer to where your spirit wants you to go

In the direction where you’re ascending high, not low. 


Jumping into the unknown and taking your hands off the wheel 

Will show you that your strength is as strong as steel. 


There’s nowhere to be and nothing to prove 

Just release control, it’s all you gotta do. 



I held on tight, clinging to this rope 

thinking somewhere I’d find some hope 


The rope filled with knots of desires and fears

stemming from the space between my two ears 


As I cling to this rope, blood emerges through my hand 

revealing the deep fear of being safe on this land 


The safety of this rope 

what an illusion 

for what is created out of fear, 

is always a delusion. 


Sparkle of Dust

Who am I 

Do you know who I am 

I am nothing more than a grain of sand 


A sparkle of dust, spinning on this plane, 

infinite energy that will never wane 


Who am I

I am you and you are me 

Is this strange for you to know and see 


You are a sparkle of dust 

ready to combust 


to be freed from the bondage you created 

escaping the flames that are now outdated


A sparkle of dust, is that all we are 

just a ball of energy, or better yet, a star?  



What you see in me 

Is inside of you. 

What you see in others 

is in there too.


Once you see that everything is a reflection 

You can begin to change your perception. 


Every day brings new lessons,

there is so much to learn by asking your own questions. 


What can you learn 

Ask and you shall see 

that the infinite lessons, come with no fee. 


A Cosmic Dance

To dance with the universe 

To go with the flow 

To move and shake your body 

And to always be strong and know. 

That you’ve got to fly like a bird 

Stay true to your word. 

Be the best you with no excuse 

By doing that you have nothing to lose. 


Give all your love, 

First to yourself and then to others 

Pour the love from your glass 

You have so much to pass. 

Pass it to your neighbor and also a stranger 

To release emotion from your secret chamber. 

Give love to all, 

That is your call. 


Dance with the seasons 

Dance with the stars 

Dance all the way from Earth and to Mars. 

Dance with your dreams 

Dance with your sorrows 

Dance all the way through today and tomorrow. 


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