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Reilly is . . . 

A gal that lived in over 15 homes by the time she was 15, always searching for 'home' until she discovered it was inside her. A gal who began channeling "Spirit" at the age of 8, but grew up thinking she was just crazy. Someone who has spent over 15 years studying alternative healing, mindfulness and movement, and metaphysics.. which led to healing herself from things she was told she'd never recover from and to living vibrantly100% medication free after being medicated for 20 years. 

And she's here now to assist you in your journey through life, showing you that the process of both healing and fulfilling your dreams can actually be much simpler than you think. Exposing you to something unseen while reminding you that it's possible to overcome and achieve the impossible.

Impossible = I'm Possible. 


Hello it's me. (*Que- Adele song) 


I provide Intuitive Life Coaching, Spiritual readings, and Reiki Energy Healing techniques where I serve as a conduit for universal energy flow, allowing the mind and body to heal naturally and come into balance with its true essence. The energy work I do allows one to connect to themselves in a deep way mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Since we are energetic beings at our core, wherever you suffer from an illness or pain, emotional or mental turmoil, this suffering represents a blockage of the flow of your energy. It is indicating that something within you is out of harmony and can be used as a golden key to connect to areas that simply need attention in to be released and transformed. 


I am here to meet you wherever you are in your life to hold a gentle space of compassion and understanding as you expand and discover that you are more powerful than you ever realized. Working with me gives you the space to unravel and release pockets of emotion your body has been carrying, and for you to realize and hear messages and wisdom within your own being, and from your own ‘spirit guides’. It's time for you to get to experience some ‘magic’. 



Allow me to guide you to returning to, and discovering your true being.

To living a more mindful life that feels easier, fulfilling, and fun.

Certifications & Training Include: 

  • Bachelors Degree - Loyola Marymount University, Communication & Psychology Studies, Film & TV

  • Reiki Healing Level 1 (Shoden) - Cocoon Healing Arts

  • Reiki Healing Level 1 (Shoden), 2 (Okuden), 3 (Master) - Infinite Healer Inst.

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Leader of yoga and sound healing workshops)

  • High Performance & Body Work Training - Committed Impulse

  • Life Coaching - Brooke Castillo

  • Further training and workshops in: Breathwork, Wim Hof method, Chakra Aligning, Nutrition and Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Psilocybin Studies

About Energy Healing: What is Reiki?

Ways Reiki can elevate your life: 

  • Center, clarify, reprogram thoughts 

  • Bring about deep relaxation

  • Help change negative patterns and habits

  • Enhance creativity 

  • Improve overall health and boost immune system

  • Improve sleep and deep dreams

  • Relieve emotional and physical pain

  • Accelerate natural healing of injuries

  • Gradually clear up chronic problems

  • Dissolve energy blockages

  • Aid in addiction recovery and eating disorders 

  • Releases emotional trauma and wounds 

  • Increase the vibrational frequency of the body 

  • Uncover and release ancestral energy patterns 

  • Let go of holding onto excess weight


Look- I know this whole idea of 'energy healing' can seem 'woo-woo' and leave you skeptical. Trust me, I was too. Be skeptical, stay forever curious. But I encourage you to be open to the unknown because the truth is we’re living in a world where humans base their identity and worth off of external things we can all see: Our bodies/appearance, clothes, relationships, living situations, careers, and so on. These external things create a ‘mask’, but beneath the masks, what exists?

Energy. We are all energetic beings at our core, however mystical it may seem. This energy can be transformed and transmuted, purified and healed. 

That's where Reiki comes in. Reiki is an ancient healing practice originating in Japan in the late 1800's by Mikao Usui. During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner connects to the recipient's overall energy systems (chakras, physical body, mental and emotional bodies) and is then used to channel and send Universal energy (also known as Chi, Qi, or Ki) to the recipient. 

Reiki treats the body-mind-spirit-emotions by restoring them to their natural healing process. This flow of Life-Force energy relieves blockages and imbalances to support overall wellbeing. 


(Each recipient will have their own experience, but to give you an idea, the most common sensations are warmth, deep relaxation, mental clarity, emotional releases, seeing colors, tingling, change in body temperature)

5 Principles of Reiki

  1. Just for today I will not worry.

  2. Just for today I will not be angry.

  3. Just for today I will do my work honestly.

  4. Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.

  5. Just for today I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

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