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You hold the key to your own wisdom,

& I'm here to guide you back to it

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About Me

I'm Reilly - an artist and healer tapped into intuitive gifts with a passion to bring peace and balance into one's mind/body/spirit. Here to remind you that even the darkest of times offer a connection to light. I believe our bodies and energies have immeasurable powers and I'm here to assist you in awakening to these powers with ease as you greet the light that shines over any suffering. Your soul has messages for you that may sometimes be blocked by the human mind. I will guide you back to the wisdom that lives within you, as you experience for yourself how effortless manifestation becomes once you understand and embrace your true power. 

I channel Source energy providing Reiki treatments, 'healing' coaching sessions, and intuitive channeled readings that guide you to reconnecting and aligning to your true essence, your natural state of wholeness. I use the word 'healing' gently because all my sessions are rooted in the belief that you are already healed. Each session I offer is simply an opportunity for you to experience your own healing ability.

The energies of mindfulness, concentration, and insight can liberate us from our anxiety and worries.
We let go of the past and the future, and come in touch with the wonders of the present.

- Thich Nhat Hanh



Reiki Energy Healing & Activation

Reiki session to clear, balance, and raise your energy to a higher frequency. Making you more magnetic, free, and aligned to your true nature. We will address physical & emotional symptoms as I connect to your energy pathways.

This relaxing healing will:

- Remove conscious & unconscious blockages

- Uncover and dissolve obstacles & ties to ancestral lineage

- Transmute imbalanced energy patterns 

- Alleviate pain, promoting deep emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing 

- Release stagnant energy, freeing you from emotional trauma, negative thought patterns, habits, and stress

- Accelerate injury and illness healing 

- Connect you to your own intuition 


You will leave the session feeling lighter and more empowered with greater clarity, understanding, and an awareness of your body and energy. 

(Single session or a discounted package of 4)

Intuitive Life Coaching 

Every session will be unique to each person. We will get clear on specific issues and/or goals and develop insightful practices to allow your to manifest your dream life. You will tap into your own manifestation ability as I will offer practical, grounded tools along with energy healing practices to assist you.


Based on personal preference, these sessions can include: channeling messages from your spirit guides, connecting you to your own intuition, energy shifting and cultivation techniques,  oracle card and numerology readings, mapping out specific goals and actionable steps, discussing nutrition/exercise/mental visualization/breathwork techniques... all designed for you to leave the session feeling empowered, equipped, and eager to experience your future. 


*One month is recommended*

(Single session or a discounted package of 4)

Intuitive Psychic Reading

A channeled session/reading to guide you to your highest timeline, to receiving the clarity and guidance you are seeking.  


As I connect to your energy field and spirit guides, I may also incorporate numerology, energy/oracle card decks, and past-life remembrances to provide you with the messages you need. 


You will receive photos of your reading and a written up message following the session.  


"Quickie" Reading

A 20 minute 'quick' intuitive session to receive any specific clarity and guidance needed. May request a 20 minute energetic attunement as well.


As I connect to your energy field and spirit guides, I may also incorporate numerology, energy/oracle card decks, and past-life remembrances. Be open to what comes through!



What past clients have said -

Reilly has coached me on and off for the last two years. I don’t know how to explain how she does what she does, but somehow no matter what I need help with she helps me gets to the heart of what’s really going on without just telling me. She guides and probes me to the right place so I have my own “Ah Ha” moments. Some other people I have sought help from just keep asking me questions but I walk away feeling the same as when I started. There’s a sense of calmness in Reilly's demeanor that makes me trust her with anything I share with her too. I highly recommend Reilly for any issue you feel stuck in or want to change. She’s fantastic. 

N. Franco

After attending a workshop co-led by Reilly, I was really excited for for a private session which did not disappoint! I was drawn to Reilly as she was the first person to teach breathwork in a way that worked for me.  I was able to keep up and regulate my breathe which was something I hadn't achieved before.  For my one-on-one session,  I had a combined psychic intuitive reading and energy healing transmission which was exactly what I needed and I left feeling lighter, happier, connected and at peace.  The session felt like a conversation with my best friend as Reilly is a beautiful soul with such kind, caring, and encouraging energy.  Her ability to connect with my grandmother and share guidance and messages truly validated my experiences and my gut feelings.  This left me smiling all week following and gave me the confidence boost needed in the areas of my life I had my most concerns.  I didn't have an agenda or expectation for the session but I got exactly what I needed and I highly recommend Reilly.  She has a true gift and I look forward to future sessions and guidance.

K. Marusa

Reilly is nothing short of phenomenal! From her intuition, to the energy she puts out, to the care and support that you can feel goes into her work, the experience that I had with her was incredible. She provided such a safe space to perform a Reiki session on me, and I left feeling light, energetic, fulfilled, and excited to come back for another session.

C. Ferguson

Reilly has been giving me personal readings for over 2 years now! She is extremely personable and brings a lot of genuine character into each of her clients’ readings. She’s actually predicted many of my life experiences before they even happen. Reilly’s beautiful gift has really helped me navigate through different seasons of my life — from spiritual healing to romantic visions to professional careers. She is the absolute best!

J. Le

Reilly was amazing! She did a Tarot card reading for me and it was so spot on for what I was going through and honestly gave me so much guidance on stuff I needed to release from the past in order to feel better. I woke up after our reading and trying her tips feeling like a new woman!! She’s so caring and easy to talk to, I highly recommend doing this if you feel lost in life. 

Kendall James

Reilly is a gift to this world. Her intuitive gifts can help so many people. It's hard to describe the benefits I've received from her Reiki and intuitive guidance. To say she is always spot on is an understatement. I always feel so much more aligned after spending time with her and talking with her. Her talents with Reiki are angelic. I highly recommend! 

Annie B

I didn't even know what Reiki was, but was prodded to go by my wife. I had been having pain in one of my forearms for months. After seeing Reilly for one session, the pain was 50% better.  While she was doing her work during the session, I had an incredible sense of calm and peace in me. I've never experienced anything like that but will definitely be doing more sessions. She's a special person.

T. Cleaver

Reilly has an extraordinary intuitive ability. The information she shared during a tarot card and intuitive reading was weirdly spot on and very insightful. Reilly is very caring and calm which I found grounding during a time of much chaos.

T. Barton

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